Top Seven (7) reasons why you must upgrade your building’s HVAC system

Upgrading your HVAC system is one of the many key decisions you will make concerning your home. Would you rather upgrade your existing unit or continue to deal with its shortcomings? Provided you are still undecided about replacing your outdated HVAC system, here are top seven (7) reasons why the time to upgrade is now.

  1. Increasing Energy Bills

When your HVAC system is outdated or it has lacked maintenance for long period, it becomes inefficient and this begins to reflect on your utility bills. At this point, an upgrade to a newer HVAC system is what you must do because newer systems are more energy saving. Upgrading your heating and cooling system usually makes you eligible for government incentives and rebates.

  1. Increasing cost of repairs

Sometimes, a particular unit in your HVAC system might just breakdown requiring repair. As important as maintenance is, when repairing or maintaining your home’s HVAC system becomes too frequent and expensive, the time is right for you to upgrade. A lot of times, repairs do not justify its cost, it is best to let go of the old system. A typical example is repairing a faulty compressor in an AC unit. Compressor repair is the costliest of all HVAC repairs, fixing this unit six to seven times, no longer becomes economical to keep.

  1. Improved Technology

Newer HVAC systems are more efficient, energy saving and embedded with new technologies such as dual-mode programmable thermostats which helps you to handle your system much more efficiently. Some can even be controlled via computers and smartphones

  1. Saving Money

Upgrading to just any type of HVAC system can be more expensive but a switch to more energy efficient units can save you money and cause a decrease in energy waste. Older systems have AFUE less than 75% but when you upgrade to a newer system, AFUE is at least 90%. The higher the AFUE rating, the higher your system’s efficiency, the more money you get to save.

  1. Ageing

The age of your HVAC system will help determine if a replacement or repair will be more beneficial. If you have a system that has been in service for over 10 years, replacing it with a newer system may just be necessary.

  1. Under-performing unit

Your home is supposed to be your ultimate comfort zone but when your heating or cooling system is underperforming, you tend to become uncomfortable. During winters, your heating system does not warm your house as it should and during heat periods, your cooling system performs below par  At this point, you should be considering an upgrade to a newer system.

  1. Quality of Air

According to OSHA, when the quality of air distributed by your HVAC system is poor, it makes you uncomfortable in your home and could further result in respiratory illnesses, headaches, fatigue and more. An older system can abhor moulds which can have negative effects on indoor air quality.  This problem may be fixed by using an air filter system but sometimes this might just not be enough to ensure a better quality of distributed air. Replacing the old unit with a new one will ensure that the quality of air supplied to your home agrees with government Air Quality Standards.

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